Welcome to Centrum Usług Serwisowych Polska Sp. z o.o.


     Welcome to Centrum Usług Serwisowych Sp. z o.o. , company specially designed to meet the current market needs. Our observations unambiguously prove that today there are fewer and fewer specialists able to operate conventional devices for machine cutting (turners, milling machine operators, grinder operators) as well as specialists who repair, renovate and install machines (welders, electricians, fitters and mechanics). We have a solution to this problem. With a range of specialists we have created a servicing company which deals with repair, overhaul and inspections of various machines and equipment. We did our best to create a team of experts who gained their experience while working in maintenance and services departments of companies such as Spawmet, Lincoln Electric, Bester, Harris Calorific, Elektrody Baildon, Famur or Mostostal. We have  the specialists who know how to apply the unique solutions needed in modern businesses.
    With their assistance, we have prepared an offer suited for different lines of business, for companies with their independent maintenance department as well as those hiring external consultants, for companies which are aware of the fact that a broken machine is a weakness which can be taken advantage of by market competitors.
See for yourself what we have prepared for you.   


Best regards,
Andrzej Janicki